Residential Humidifiers


Why should you have Gibson Mechanical install a humidifier on your furnace?

Without a humidifier, a furnace dries out the air in your home. That dry air can …

  • increase household dust
  • cause cracks in wood furniture
  • cause nosebleeds
  • cause dry skin
  • contribute to sore throats

Dry air also reduces the efficiency of your furnace; moist air holds more heat.

A furnace-mounted flow-through humidifier delivers moist air throughout your home, increasing your comfort and saving you money. Gibson Mechanical will …

  • recommend a humidifier of the proper size and capacity for your home
  • professionally install it
  • maintain it along with your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater

We offer a 10 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on labour for all services. Ask us about our extended labour warranty!

We’re happy to service humidifiers from all manufacturers.

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